Monthly Archives: September 2023

Lot of Stamps from the Canal Zone. Don’t know about stamp collecting. Looked up term “Hinged”. Found in wax envelopes, not in an album. Block of 6 “Gaillard” 12 Cents, top edge. Block of 14 “Sibert” 14 Cents, bottom edge. These six are new, never mailed. Condition as seen in the pictures. What you see is what you get. Great gift or addition to your collection.

Best offers : Some items with “Best Offer” option have the opportunity for an extra. Discount but will not respond to ridicule offers, the closer to the asking price the better. This Sale is for a US stamp(s) Scott(s) C1 with top 2 stamps MLH and bottom 2 MNH. Very Fine Arrow Block of 4 from 1918. But I can’t pay the cost of the certificate even if comes not as described. Each stamp is unique so I will never use a stock photo. You […]

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